Protect Pets and Women from Domestic Violence


Protect Pets and Women from Domestic Violence

No one should have to choose between leaving an abuser and protecting a beloved pet, but many women are forced to make this very choice. The Pet and Women Safety Act (PAWS) would help protect women and their pets by expanding domestic violence protections to include animals.

The PAWS Act establishes a national policy on this issue and encourages states to expand their legal protections for pets in abusive households. Please urge your legislators to support S.322/H.R.909.


STEP 1: Look up your U.S. Representative’s name and contact information here:

STEP 2:  Use this form to submit a brief letter explaining why you care about this issue. You might say something like, As a constituent who cares about animals, I urge you to cosponsor the Pet and Women Safety Act (S.322/H.R. 909).  This bill would establish a national policy on this issue and would encourage states to expend their legal protections for pets in abusive households.” NOTE: These letters will be compiled by Pasado’s Safe Haven and distributed to the appropriate offices.

STEP 3: Help us spread the word!  Use the power of social media and share this 2 Minute Action with everyone you know. By taking just 2 Minutes to do these simple steps, we are adding our voice to millions of others demanding action!



Pasado’s Safe Haven has nearly 25 years’ experience investigating and responding to cases of animal cruelty and many of these cases are connected to domestic violence. We know all too well the connections between animal abuse and violence toward humans. In fact, Pasado’s Safe Haven’s “Bucky Award”, which recognizes excellence in animal cruelty investigations and prosecutions was inspired by Bucky, a dog who was killed by a man to “hurt” a woman in a domestic case.

In cases of domestic violence, abusers are known to use pets to keep control, and survivors tend to remain in these relationships out of concern for the welfare of these animals. Currently, there are very few domestic violence shelters that are equipped to house and care for pets. Because of this, many survivors are stuck making the choice between leaving their pet behind or staying in a dangerous living situation.

The PAWS Act addresses this issue by providing grant funding to programs that offer housing assistance, support services, and training for survivors and their families to include their pets.

By supporting PAWS Act, you are providing protection to all survivors of domestic violence. Please urge your legislators to support S.322/H.R.909 and be a voice for women and animals!

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