Fight USDA Animal Welfare Info Blackout!


Fight USDA Animal Welfare Info Blackout!

The USDA has started reposting some of the deleted animal welfare information it removed from its website.  ALL of this information needs to be made public. Nothing less than 100% transparency is acceptable.

Send a photo of you and your pet to your U.S. Senator and Representative and tell them to fight the USDA #AnimalWelfare info blackout!

STEP 1:  Find your U.S. Senators and Representatives and their contact info (including social media) here

STEP 2:  Upload a photo of you and your pet with the following message “Dear <REPRESENTATIVE>, <MY PET’S NAME> and ALL animals deserve to live free from abuse. Tell USDA to restore #AnimalWelfare reports!   *Suggested hashtags: #NoUSDAblackout #NoPuppyMills #AttackOnAnimals

STEP 3:  Call your representatives with the same message and/or print a picture of you and your pet and mail it along with a brief, respective letter urging that the USDA restore all animal welfare reports.

STEP 4:  Take a bow.  Your voice matters for the animals.  By taking just 2-Minutes to do these simple steps, you will be adding your voice to millions of others demanding action.  If you can only do one step, do just one.  But please, do something.  The animals are counting on us!


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