2-Minute Action (Washington State residents)


Help fix an outrageous loophole in Washington state’s animal cruelty law!

A man who sexually assaulted a dog before killing her was not able to be prosecuted for the rape. This is because Washington state’s animal cruelty laws need to be updated to ensure that sexual assault of animals (known as “bestiality”) is always considered a crime – regardless of motive (see “Background” below for more information).

Pasado’s Safe Haven is already getting to work on this now. Please join our effort!

TAKE ACTION (Washington State residents only): 

STEP 1: Look up your WA State representatives’ names here  http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/ 

STEP 2:  Use this form to submit a brief letter explaining why you care about this issue. You might say something like, “As a constituent who cares about animals, I believe that sexual assault of an animal is always a crime. I support updating our WA state laws to ensure that bestiality is always defined as a criminal act, regardless of the motive. Just as in human sexual assault, this is about violence and power, not sex.” NOTE: These letters will be compiled by Pasado’s Safe Haven and distributed to the appropriate offices.

STEP 3: Help us spread the word!  Share the link to this 2-Minute Action with everyone you know in Washington state. Urge them to be part of the #MissionOfLight for the animals.


In early 2016, a female 3-year old dog named Diamond was found by a mountain biker in Washington state, hanging from a tree. Diamond had been aggressively sexually assaulted prior to dying from asphyxiation.  Her hind feet were dangling just a hair above the ground.

Finally on August 7th, 2017, James Leroy Evans, pled guilty to the crime.  He received only one year in jail, minimal fees, and restriction from owning an animal for 5 years.

Part of the reason this sentence wasn’t stronger is that the prosecutor didn’t pursue the sexual assault (known as “bestiality” for animals) charges.  This is because current Washington state law says that “sexual conduct and sexual contact” must be “for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of the person” (RCW 16.52.205 (8)(b)(c)).  The prosecutor feared he couldn’t prove intent. This is outrageous – and heartbreaking.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is working to update the law so this never happens again.  Help be part of our #MissionOfLight in honor of  Diamond.


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