Sounders Goats: Bevan’s Journey

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Sounders Goats: Bevan’s JourneyGroup_Edit_Crop

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In December 2016, we rescued 7 precious goats from severe neglect. They were all named after some of our favorite Seattle Sounders soccer players and are now affectionately known as the “Sounders Goats”.

Bevans (“Brad Evans”) is one of these special goats. Immediately upon rescuing her, we discovered she had severe leg injuries. Her flexor tendons had all snapped, making it impossible for her to walk normally.

We were determined to give Bevans the life she deserves. We decided to look into fitting her for leg braces that will make it easier and less painful for her to walk. Before we knew it, it was Bevan’s big day. We loaded her up and took her to the vet for a check-up and a fitting:


Soon she’ll be able to walk properly on her hooves, confident and happy! Check back to see Bevans learn to walk normally again in her new braces.

Pasado’s Safe Haven takes on some of the most difficult cases , which sometimes require extensive vet care.

We are often the last chance for many of these animals, and this work wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you.

Donate today to help us continue to make a difference for animals like Bevans.

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