Pasado’s Safe Haven Rescues 16 Cats

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Pasado’s Safe Haven began the New Year with the rescue of 16 cats, many of whom were in need of urgent veterinary attention.

January 2014 – When our Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations entered the facility, she found more than 130 cats  – many of whom clearly were clearly in distress.

Pasado’s rescued the 16 cats who looked like they needed our help the most. Our suspicions were confirmed after our veterinarian examined them at our sanctuary’s Healing Barn.

Almost all of these cats – several of them just kittens – had issues ranging from cancer, upper respiratory and eye infections, to dental issues and skin conditions. Thankfully, the rescue reached out for help when it did.

“These cats needed us now and thankfully we were able to step in and take them.” said Kim Koon, Pasado’s Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations.

“But there are countless more; our work is never ending. This is why we are so grateful for our amazing supporters who enable us to do this work,” she added.

Our caregiving team and veterinary staff are now putting in long hours to give each of these cats the individual care they need to make full recoveries.

Unfortunately, one of the cats, a sweet orange and white boy named Goldwing, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. After all other options were considered, our veterinary staff determined that the most humane option was to let Goldwing go peacefully, surrounded by love.

We were so glad to be able to provide Goldwing with love and comfort during his final hours.

We hope you will consider making a donation to help us continue to rescue and provide sanctuary and medical care for more animals like these cats.

Examples of how we put your donor dollars to work to support our rescues:
One diagnostic blood panel:     $35
Antibiotics (1 cat):                      $20
One spay/neuter:                       $45/$30
One vaccination set:                  $40
Food for 15 cats for 1 month:    $200
Food for 15 cats for 2 months:  $400

When animals need help, Pasado’s answers the call – but we can only do it with your support. We rely on donor dollars to provide medical care and sanctuary for every animal who comes through our gates.

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