Ducks & Geese Rescued From Hoarder

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As the premier animal rescue and sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest, Pasado’s Safe Haven receives thousands of calls each year about animals in need. All of the cases we investigate involve some sort of abuse and sadly, roughly 30% of those calls are about animal hoarding.

On Sunday, October 26th we responded to a hoarding case in southern Washington where we rescued fourteen ducks and two geese. These sixteen birds were the lucky ones – some did not survive. We found their lifeless bodies in mud and feces. During the rescue, several of the live birds huddled on top of their deceased friends – confused and scared. Now they are safe.

It was a tough case…they all are, but fourteen lives were saved that day!

We suspect that Fergus, a duck named by our Facebook supporters, had recently been attacked by a large animal. He was in bad shape. Poor Fergus had several bite wounds and was covered in caked feces and urine so heavily that we didn’t even realize he was injured until we began the triage process.

As part of the intake and exam process Fergus was bathed several times – each time he gingerly groomed himself, picking off layers of filth and his own necrotic skin. As time went on and he began to feel better we could see the relief in his eyes and in his body language as he began to relax, warm up and dip his head in the water. Throughout his obvious pain and fear Fergus was gentle and obviously grateful to our team of caregivers who always take such care with our animals.

We took in a beautiful mix of one Pekin, one Crested, two Cayuga, two Indian Runner, one Mallard and two geese

Fergus, and fifteen other innocent animals are now safe. All sixteen birds are now recovering in our Healing Barn where they are receiving the care they need before being released into our waterfowl area. All should be available for adoption soon.

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