387 Birds Saved from Suffering

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387 Birds Saved from Suffering

Pasado’s Safe Haven just rescued 387 ducks, chickens and roosters from an appalling backyard hoarding situation.

When our Director of Cruelty Investigations & Rescue Operations arrived on scene she couldn’t believe the scale of suffering.

Many animals were so weak they couldn’t lift their heads to eat. Those who survived were forced to live in waste and among the dead.

There was no time to lose.

Our team went to work and, over the course of 10 days, brought all 387 birds to safety. (A special thank you Higher Ground, Center Valley, Whatcom Humane and ReFarm Animal Sanctuary who helped take birds after our sanctuary was filled to capacity).

Our Cruelty Investigations & Rescue Fund makes large scale rescues like this possible. Donate today to help us save innocent lives – and stop suffering.

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