10 Heeler Dogs Rescued from Hoarder/Breeder

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10 Heeler Dogs Rescued from Hoarder/Breeder

On May 3rd, 2017, Pasado’s Safe Haven partnered with law enforcement to seize 10 dogs from horrendous conditions in a breeding facility.

This is the second dog hoarding case in Washington that we have been asked to respond to this past month, and unfortunately these types of cases can come with a lot of challenges. Help did not come a moment too soon for these animals. The stench and lack of sanitation in the home was so bad that our rescue team had to wear full hazmat suits during the process. Once the dogs were safe at our sanctuary, our vet staff gave them the medical care they needed and now  our caregiving staff is giving them lots of love and keeping their tummies full. Although a little shy, these dogs are doing amazingly well, and will surely blossom with a caring family.

The offender was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty in the 2nd degree, each carrying a maximum sentence of $5,000 and up to a year in jail, and a ban on owning similar animals for up to two years for each count.  (We have been asked by law enforcement to not share additional specific details of the case yet.)

This is unfortunately the third cruelty/neglect case associated with dog breeders we’ve seen in the last two months. We need to find these dogs loving homes so we can rescue more animals who still need our help. If you are interested in fostering/adopting, please fill out an application today.

Donate to help us continue to care for these precious dogs, and to allow us to rescue others who are still waiting for help to arrive.


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