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About Us

Named after “Pasado”, a beloved donkey who was brutally tortured to death by three teenage boys, Pasado’s Safe Haven now fights so that other animals can live free from abuse, neglect, abandonment and exploitation.

The largest animal sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest, Pasado’s Safe Haven investigates animal cruelty crimes, provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have suffered from abuse and neglect, advocates for better laws to protect animals, and works to educate the public about how they can help end animal cruelty.

Mission & Programs

Mission:  We are fighting to end animal cruelty.


Investigations & Rescue
We are helping improve the response to crimes against animals through investigations, rescue and training programs.

Our 85 acre sanctuary is home to approximately 200 animals – dogs, cats and farmed animals – mostof whom arrived from cases of cruelty or neglect.

Homelessness Prevention
We are working to keep animals out of shelters through innovative spay/neuter and food bank programs.

We help people connect with animals in new ways through public tours, events, educational programs and advocacy opportunities.

  • Pasado’s Safe Haven is the largest animal sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest
  • Founded in 1997 after Pasado the donkey was killed by three teen boys in 1992
  • Serving dogs, cats and farmed animals, our 85 acre sanctuary in Snohomish County cares for up to 250 animals each day
  • We have an annual operating budget of $2.4M and 22 full-time employees
  • Organization brochure available here
Our Expertise

Investigations, Rescue & Improving the Response to Crimes Against Animals

Spay/Neuter and Reducing Shelter Overpopulation

  • To date we have spayed or neutered over 32,000 cats and dogs for income qualified families with our targeted spay/neuter program 
  • We operate two mobile and one transport spay/neuter clinics and provide guidance to other organizations looking to start similar programs
  • Our Director of Homelessness Prevention Initiatives  teaches classes to the public and other non-profits. Classes include:
    • Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)
    • Kitten Taming
  • We facilitate collaboration between other animal welfare groups to help maximize spay/neuter dollars spent in our community

85 Acre Sanctuary Dedicated to Rehabilitation and Care for Animals

  • Daily care for 150-250 animals including cats, dogs and farmed animals
  • State-of-the-art veterinary care and knowledge of animals we serve
  • Species leads with extensive knowledge of their animals
  • Extensive knowledge of the unique trauma experienced by animals used as food, clothing and in testing labs

Community Outreach & Advocacy

  • Through our advocacy efforts, we have helped pass five animal cruelty laws dating back to 1994:
    • 1994: “The Pasado Law”, which makes 1st degree intentional animal cruelty a crime in Washington State
    • 2004: Non-ambulatory Livestock Law: Making it illegal to drag or life by tractor any animal too sick or weak to walk
    • 2006: Bestiality becomes 1st degree animal cruelty class C felony under anti-cruelty statue
    • 2007: Animal abandonment gets listed under second degree animal cruelty as a misdemeanor
    • 2001: Animal cruelty in the 2nd degree gets raised to a gross misdemeanor from a misdemeanor, making the penalty for 2nd degree stronger
  • Our unique Pasado’s C.A.R.E.s program for children K-10 teaches kids that animals and humans alike deserve compassion and respect and that bullying feels the same no matter the victim
  • We have extensive experience managing volunteering programs with hundreds of volunteers supporting the organization in different roles
Key Staff

Laura Henderson, Executive Director

Laura brings 25 years’ professional experience in the private sector and several years’ of non-profit volunteer experience to the cause of ending animal cruelty at Pasado’s Safe Haven. Previous to her current role, Laura worked at both Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, but the common thread was that she always had roles driving new initiatives in uncharted territory. 

Laura has leadership experience in marketing, branding, public affairs, strategic planning and communications. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude from the University of Washington’s Honors Program with a B.A. in Political Science. She also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Washington’s Foster School.

Since taking the position of E.D. at Pasado’s Safe Haven, she has led the organization through a complete brand overhaul and reframed program work to focus on those areas where the organization can have the greatest impact toward its mission. Combined, these elements are re-energizing the organization – and the public is responding. After her first year, she not only reversed a trending decline in general donations, but grew these revenues by 20%.

Director of Investigations & Rescue Operations

Our Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations (DIRO) has been an Animal Cruelty Investigator for Pasado’s Safe Haven for over six years.  She is a certified animal cruelty investigator through the University of Missouri Law Enforcement Training Institute and has a Bachelor of Science in Ethology with a minor in Zoology from Central Washington University.  She completed additional graduate work through Central Washington University and at Ross School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Our DIRO has worked with many species of animals for over 20 years including dogs, cats, cetaceans, shark, primates, and farmed animals.  She has worked in the fields of cruelty investigation, veterinary medicine, disaster relief, field research and wildlife rehabilitation. 

As an investigator for Pasado’s, she has assisted in the successful prosecution of over 50 criminal animal cruelty cases at both felony and misdemeanor levels and has saved hundreds of animals in the process.  Additionally, she has testified at the state capitol to help strengthen laws and increase penalties to protect the animals throughout Washington and serves as a resource to law enforcement throughout the state of Washington assisting in all levels of animal cruelty investigations. 

Jenny Fraley, Director of Homelessness Prevention Initiatives

Jenny serves as our Director of Homelessness Prevention Initiatives where she oversees two mobile spay/neuter stations, a transport spay/neuter clinic and two Pet Food Bank programs. Over 21,000 animals have been spayed/neutered and over 27 tons of food have been distributed to needy cats and dogs under Jenny’s direction. 

Jenny is also a co-founder and board member of the Community Cat Coalition for Washington State, an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 dedicated to helping our community cats through education and support of local shelters and independent rescuers.

Jenny teaches classes on TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) and Kitten Taming.

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