Wish List

Wish List

You can help us in our fight to end animal cruelty by donating much-needed supplies and equipment!


Shop our Amazon wish list or see the list below for additional wishlist items.


We have an on-site veterinary clinic that serves our animals with much-needed medical care but we still need these items:

  • Autoclave: Refurbished 1st generation is approximately $3000, 2nd generation is about $3900. wish list clinic http://www.seattlesurgical.com/index.html

Our mobile Spay Stations (mobile spay/neuter clinics) offer “free” and low-cost surgeries to income qualified residents in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. The following items are needed at our Spay Station clinics.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Helps us keep the animals safe and healthy. Cardell Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Paper towels
  • Ziploc bags (sandwich and snack size)
  • Large black garbage bags
  • Cat food- wet
  • Hot Dog Patient warmer:  It is crucial to keep the animals’ body temperatures warm while they are under anesthesia.  This was donated to our Pierce County Spay Station and has been invaluable in helping us regulate the animals temperature on the surgery table.  We’d love to have one for the King County Spay Station.  $2300.

Please contact Darcy to arrange drop off arrangements and be sure to view the Amazon Wishlist.

  • Cat food – Canned and dry (Biggest need)
  • Dog food – Canned and dry
  • Cat and dog treats
  • Kitty Litter
  • Ziploc Gallon Bags

Please contact Dan to arrange drop off arrangements and be sure to view the Amazon Wishlist.

  • Large or Walk-In Refrigerator – (used or new)
  • Haz Mat suits  (Both non-Tyvek and  Tyvek) : Sizes S, M, L, XL – 25-50 of each\
  • Ammonia Reader
  • Universal Microchip Scanner for Cruelty Department
  • Super Talon Animal Catcher: a non-lethal response to capturing animals. Advanced Weapons Technology, 760-777-7229
  • Air Fare Miles

Please contact Kim regarding donation of any of these items.

  • You can donate to our account at Monroe Co-Op to help us provide necessary food for the Pasado’s animals and those who request help. They know what we need to order every month. Simply call (360-794-4663) and mention Pasado’s Safe Haven
  • Pig/Hog Panels: We get a discount at Monroe Farm & Feed, Tel. No. 360-794-4663
  • Radios:  These radios help us to stay in touch with each other across 85 acres!  The distributor can ship directly to Pasado’s Safe Haven.  He has our shipping and FCC information and can pre-program them prior to shipping.  We also always need
    replacement batteries: Icom BP-265. Icom IC-F4001 Radios:Goat_Hooper_032316_Small
  • Lowe’s Gift Cards
  • Poly posts: or similar sturdy, plastic, temporary fencing posts) and white electric fence tape – new or used
  • Solar Lights: Portfolio 12-Pack Solar Path Landscape Light Kit
  • Bandage Scissors from Valley Vet Supply
  • Suncreen: For our Pigs and other light skin animals. Spray-on Sunscreen
  • Produce: Leafy greens are best. Nothing with a pit or seeds. No onions, cabbage, or citrus fruits.
  • Majesty Flex Wafers for the cows
  • Timothy pellets
  • Orchard pellets
  • Mazuri Llama grain
  • GEM white shavings
  • Scratch and Peck Naturally Free Layer
  • Purina Layena cumbles
  • Mazuri Elder Mini Pig feed
  • Hoof N Heel – can be found at farm and feed stores
  • Coconut Oil – for our pigs’ sensitive skin!
  • Meal Worms – for our hungry birds
  • Saltine crackers
  • Unsalted peanuts (in shell)

Please contact Stephanie regarding donation of any of these items and be sure to view the Amazon wishlist.

  • Adopt Me! vests from HoundGear: All sizes needed, Medium and Large are priorities.
  • Blankets: new or used (no comforters or sheets, please)
  • Evangers canned dog food
  • Prairie Chicken and Brown Rice dog food
  • L, XL, and XXL Kongs (Red)
  • Soft treats
  • Kuranda Pet Beds (L & XL): The Dog Towne Residents all sleep on Kuranda PVC, raised, washable beds. The Kitty City cats CowboyW (6)like the cat bed towers too! If you would like to donate a bed or tower, please click here. Prices range from $56-$102.
  • Jolly Pets 10″ Teaser Ball.
  • Any scoop-able cat litter
  • Friskies canned cat food – any flavor
  • PetSmart Gift Card: Price: $25.00 – 500.00
  • Dry cat food: Pure Vita Chicken and Peas or Purina Naturals
  • Kitty litter (clumping): World’s Best or Integrity
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Cat toys, Tunnels, and Cat Nip
  • Giant Exercise Wheel
  • Pill Pockets: Cats and dogs, all sizes
  • Nylon bones and other toys that are good for tough chewers
  • Clean Plastic Airline Crates – all sizes
  • Metal food and water bowls
  • New litter boxes and scoops

Please contact Stephanie regarding donation of any of these items and be sure to view the Amazon wishlist.


  • Beet Pulp Pellets: Found at any feed store
  • Monroe Co-Op donations
  • Probios powder: probiotic
  • Triple Crown Senior Equine grain
  • Purina Senior Equine grain

Please contact Stephanie regarding donation of any of these items and be sure to view the Amazon wishlist.


  • Batteries: AA, AAA, C, D
  • Paper: white copy, glossy, photo
  • New or used iPad or tablet
  • Paper Towels
  • Bleach
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Hand soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Sponges
  • Preferred brands are Simple Green, 7th Generation, and Myers

Please contact Stacey regarding donation of any of these items.

Gift Cards

  • Monroe Farm & Feed
  • Dayville Hay & Grain
  • Del’s Feed and Farm Supply
  • Safeway (we always need applesauce for chickens, and carrots and canola oil for horses)
  • Riverside Sand & Gravel, Snohomish 425.334.5003
  • Costco
  • Staples
  • Lowe’s
  • Gift Cards
  • Home Depot Gift Cards
  • Barmon Lumber, Sultan 360.793.2682

Please contact Stacey regarding donation of any of these items.

Thank you for supporting our work!

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