Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Many participating companies will match a portion or all of your donation to Pasado’s Safe Haven. In fact, many companies will also contribute to Pasado’s Safe Haven if their employees volunteer time here and submit their hours. To find out if your company takes part in matching gifts and volunteer hours contact your Human Resources Department.


1. Have your one-time donation matched by your employer. After confirming that your employer matches charitable donations, ask your HR department for a Workplace Giving Form. Submit this form with your donation to Pasado’s Safe Haven and we will fill out the necessary information and resubmit the completed form to your employer. Next, sit back and watch your donation grow!

2. Many companies will allow employees to donate via payroll deductions. Payroll deductions are sften more convenient for the donor because they require less paperwork. Instead of submitting a match request each time you donate, payroll deductions are set up in advance after you determine what amount you would like to contribue during each pay period. Donations are sent automatically by your employer to Pasado’s Safe Haven, allowing you to give smaller increments over a longer period of time. Payroll deductions are still eligible for workplace matching and tax benefits.

3. Volunteer at Pasado’s Safe Haven and bring your coworkers! If you’re not able to donate directly to the sanctuary, please consider donating your time. We have many exciting projects that we need volunteers like YOU to help us with. And, some companies will even donate to Pasado’s based on the hours you volunteer with us. Not only do you get a day away from your desk, but all the while you’ll be benefitting these amazing animals. Learn more.

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