Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Raine Bergstrom
Board Member
Current term: July 2016-July 2018

Raine is a software executive who is passionate about emerging technology and enjoyed success in both startups and large companies like Adobe, Aol, and Intel. Working in a frenetic often cold corporate environment gave Raine intense appreciation for the sincerity and love of animals. Even before the  Internet, Raine worked to bring technical advances to animal non-profits. He’s built training labs, web sites, Facebook pages, social media plans, and won Google grants,  all to increase the online persona of organizations devoted to animal welfare.  Raine is committed to eradicating animal cruelty and providing justice for those who can’t protect themselves. Making animal lives humane and happier is one of his greatest life goals.  Raine has 3 amazing rescue pets: Maggie, Sasha and Suki (dog, cat, cat) who rule his home. Oh, and he has a wife and 2 children (wife, daughter, daughter) who rescued him.

Jeff Curwen, CAE
Board Member
Current term: July 2015-July 2017

Jeff is a nonprofit management consultant who focuses on fundraising and educational programming for trade associations all over the west coast. A Tacoma native, Jeff spent most of the past decade in California and Arizona.  He is devoted to helping animals live a cruelty-free life and actively volunteers with organizations in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties.  Jeff also sits on the Board of Directors of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Greater Seattle.  He and his wife, Beth, live in Renton with their dog, and two cats — all rescues.

Dr. Emily Grossman, DVM
Board Secretary
Current term: August 2016-August 2018 (Board member since August 2008)

Emily volunteered at Pasado’s Safe Haven every Saturday from 2000-2004, mucking stables, de-lousing chickens and trimming goat hooves.  It was this time at the sanctuary that inspired her to quit her job as a high-school math teacher and apply to veterinary school.  And it was thinking about how she could help Pasado’s in the future that kept her going during her four rough years as a student living in a single-wide trailer in Pullman, Washington.  Emily realized her dream and has been serving on the board since her graduation in 2008.  Emily practices in Seattle and also loves volunteering at the Doney Memorial Clinic for the pets of Seattle’s homeless population.

Paige Ryan
Current term: November 2016-November 2018

Paige is a global business development director with a background in experiential design, advertising and media production. She is currently the Director of New Partnerships for Hornall Anderson Branding Firm where she is responsible for the identification and acquisition of new clients representing a wide range of business and design opportunities. Her non-profit background ranges from hands-on volunteering to board positions. A certified yoga instructor, her volunteer work and veganism is guided by a single mantra, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may my actions contribute to that happiness.” She credits her Siamese cat Tola for reminding her daily that love has many languages.

Kate Sharadin
Board Vice Chair
Current term: March 2017-March 2019 (Board member since March 2015)

Kate runs the healthcare Business Development & Strategy for the Invention Science Funds (ISF) at Intellectual Ventures leading the direction of their medical, life sciences and eHealth practices developing commercial strategies around the firm’s internal invention arm primarily focusing on start-up companies. She has been an active volunteer and supporter of Pasado’s for 14 years having spent much of her early days on legislative issues but has always enjoyed serving the rescued animals at the farm. She also serves as a volunteer with the homeless communities in King County. Her volunteer work is driven by her lifelong dedication to the idea of awakening people to a consciousness that includes every living being, human and non-human and working for those who are disadvantaged.

Kim Wilkes
Board Chair
Current term: December 2016-December 2018 (Board member since December 2014)

Kim Wilkes is a financial executive/CPA and an active community volunteer.   She most recently led the finance team for a subsidiary of HSN called Chasing Fireflies. Kim is involved in a variety of charitable organizations at all levels: from hands-on volunteer, to program coordination to board leadership.  While at the Junior League of Seattle, she led a group that established job application training and interviewing skills with partners Mary’s Place and New Beginnings. She brings with her knowledge from other successful non-profits as well as strategic planning and financial expertise.  Growing up on a ranch in North Central Washington, Kim is passionate about the well-being of all animals and would love to operate a comfortable living sanctuary for older animals one day. Her family includes two cats, a dog and memories of cherished pets that have passed.

Every member of our Board is an independent, voting member.

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