This April 15th, we are reflecting on the death of our beloved namesake, Pasado. This sweet donkey was taken from us by animal cruelty, causing heartbreak for all who knew him and for all who wish better for animals. The community was determined for his death to not be in vain, and from this determination – Pasado’s Safe Haven was born. Read Pasado’s full story.

We asked you to write a haiku with this question in mind: “What does Pasado’s legacy mean to you?”
You can read each beautiful submission below. Pasado is gone, but his legacy of saving animal cruelty live on!

His kind, gentle eyes
Peer through our saved animals
And into our souls

By Tabitha Phillips

Pasado’s is a
Safe, kind, and compassionate
Home to animals!

By Kristina Czwakiel

Your life will never
Be a waste of a moment
Everyday we fight

By Jennifer Brun

Legacy of love
At Pasado’s you will find
Peace, safety, home, life

By Stacey Mansfield

Pasado is gone
Today his voice has been heard
Now others are safe

By Brenna Anderst

A Regal Donkey
Paving The Way Towards Freedom
Go Vegan, Save Lives!

By Mariel Small


They say that somewhere, like right outside this window
A butterfly can flap its wings and cause a tornado clear across the world.
They say you can’t always know the shape of things-
what they will do or what they will mean.

My mother told me, more than once,
That only time will tell.
Things are funny that way.

They couldn’t have suspected,
Those boys, that night
That he could not be snuffed out

That love would scatter like stars instead
Through time and space
And soothe broken hearts yet to be born.

They couldn’t fathom that grace
would spring from pain
The softest whisper, the most beautiful storm.

By J. Paige Ryan

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